As part of our fully comprehensive door-to-door services, Kargosmart is pleased to be able to provide a truly in-house Customs clearance and consultancy service. We cater you all sort of services as follows:

–    Filling in the Form of Customs Declaration.
–    Declarating Customs and Applying Tax Code.
–    Implementing procedures of Commodity Control or applying for Extra Commodity Control.
–    Contacting with authority to comply all sub- formalities following the requirement of Vietnam.
–    Customs including Cultural Control, Geology control, quarantine of botanical – animal – foodstuffs, fumigation etc.
–    All goods will be stored and kept impact during transportation.
–    Packing goods by special materials: carton, plastic, spongy paper, wood edges, plywood etc.
–    Implementing the requirement of quality control for the Seller or The Buyer as the acceptance.
–    For imported commodities with full of all customs formalities, we will distribute upon the order of the Owner quickly by our experienced team of employees and drivers.