Logistic Solutions from End to End

Logistic is a comprehensive supply chain management company providing transportation, warehousing,freight forwarding and project management services to a variety of global industries.


We help you improve your supply chain processes and make logistics affordable for you. We Kargosmart recognizes its role of a corporate citizen in Nation Building. We are committed to adhere government regulations in an effective and expeditious movement of goods in order that trade and commerce are enhanced with continuous improvement of personnel, facilities, equipment, and system. Our Vision is to Connecting people, businesses, and communities to a better future – through logistics.

We work closely with all major airlines around the world. Ongoing negotiations ensure that we always have the cargo space we need and the ability to offer you competitive rates – even during the high season.

As a reliable service provider in air freight solutions, Logistic brings your goods safely to their worldwide destinations.


Kargosmart is a specialized forwarding company that offers comprehensive solutions for international/intercontinental cargo shipping. Our services connect strategic global gateways, ensuring the successful delivery of your cargo through a multimodal network and cargo shipping services. We strive to provide seamless, fast, and reliable door-to-door deliveries at a competitive price, making us the go-to choose for nearly every local market globally.

International cargo shipping refers to the shipment of goods performed by a cargo shipper to connect two countries or continents separated by sea or ocean. At Kargosmart, we offer a range of cargo forwarding options that meet all customer transportation requirements while reducing the risks of loss or damage.

As architects of personalized, tailor-made services mixed with international forwarding and cargo export, we offer the following services:

Full container load (FCL)

Heavy lift cargo handling


Less than a container load (LCL)

Air freight

Ro/Ro shipments

Complete tailor-made transport insurance

Inland haulage solutions & transport

Keeping your business up to speed

Our team takes care of your logistics process, personal needs, and preferences, responding with a tailor-made solution for a full-service experience. We can deploy multimodal options that combine freight forwarding services with inland haulage, foreign key service hubs, and container ports to ship freight efficiently from end to end.

We understand that successful international transport and freight exports come with critical questions and challenges. As part of our cargo forwarding service, we arrange proper documents adapted to specific logistical requirements.


Our project management service offers you a personalized and timely end-to-end logistics solution to meet your supply chain needs. Because of our vast network of 20,000+ carriers and partners, we can take care of your project from its inception to completion in a cost-effective and secure way. Moreover, our customer service specialists are available to assist your project logistics concerns around the clock. To learn more about our key project management capabilities, read the corresponding features.